Got old floss at home? Use it on your nails!
By admin on September 13, 2015

So here I am with an absolutely new nail art trick! I have shared hundreds of videos of different nail art designs and hacks for all those women who like such crazy things. If you...

Can’t wait for Christmas? Use these 21 tips to make Christmas better this year!
By admin on November 24, 2014

Christmas is always beautiful, isn’t it? But what if you want to make it more beautiful this year? Are you prepared with some new ideas for Christmas or will you use the same old ideas and ornaments like you do, every year?

These 15 home hacks are going to make your life easier!
By admin on November 24, 2014

There are so many wet wipe containers lying here and there at times and we are not even aware of what to do with them. So what do we do? We pick them up and throw them away. However, these 15 home hacks are going to make a big...

Tired of finding ways to open the ‘too-hard-to-open’ Pistachio Nuts? Watch this video!
By admin on October 26, 2014

Okay… so you are happy and excited to have Pistachio Nuts along with Vodka on rocks. You and your friends instantly jump on the bowl of these nuts and then the ones that do not get open easily are the ones that are left for you to have.

Have a lot of pine cones at home? Read these 10 creative ideas!
By admin on October 21, 2014

There are so many beautiful things in nature and a pine cone is one of them. These cute little things look wonderful, even when you do nothing with them.

Make the same breakfasts in some twisted ways!
By admin on September 12, 2014

These wonderful tips and instructions are going to change your breakfast serving and eating techniques. We generally do a lot of things and turn creative when guests visit us for breakfasts or meals.

Enough of cheesy and fatty pizzas, it is time for you to have a healthy watermelon pizza!
By admin on September 12, 2014

Kiwis, grapes, oranges, apples – what do you like the most? Use all of your favorite fruits to make the healthiest pizza for yourself. The best part of this ‘fruit’ pizza is that you can have it in any season.

Oh my god, what a lovely way to make scrambled eggs within the shells!
By admin on September 11, 2014

Pull your sleeves up, we are about to do something awesome with those eggs! All you need is a sleeve and a few eggs to do this trick. Instead of a sleeve, you can even use a similar kind of a cloth.

Have a friend’s birthday coming? Mail him this slice of cake!
By admin on September 10, 2014

There’s a call on your phone when you are making your delicious cake and when you tell the caller that you are baking or icing the cake, he wishes to see and taste it but unfortunately can’t since he stays far away from you.

Make your own beautiful scarf in as less as 30 minutes!
By admin on September 9, 2014

Red, green, blue or yellow – which colored scarf do you want? Did you just get disappointed to not find a beautiful scarf for yourself that goes well with the color of the top you are wearing?