Mojito Popsicles recipe

By admin on May 12, 2014
Category: Food

The ingredients for these cool popsicles include 3- 5 Ozs. Rum, mint (12 leaves), lime (you can 2 juicy lemons), 7-10 Tea spoons of sugar syrup and 2 cups of club soda. First, the mint leaves have to be muddled in a glass (you can even mash them) to smaller pieces and lime juice to be added. In a pitcher, transfer the mint mix and add the rum and the sugar syrup and shake/stir well. The syrup quantity can be moderated to suit your taste. And lastly, add the soda slowly and stir the whole mixture. Now pour the mixture into the molds and left to freeze for several hours to get some lovely popsicles. I was keen to know how the CO2 in the soda behaved when frozen. There was not much of a difference in the taste of the popsicles. You can use plain water instead. You could also modify the cocktail combination.

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