Reconditioning Cast Iron Cookware

By admin on May 8, 2014
Category: Tips & Tricks

If you have old cast iron cookware and thought of throwing it away as trash for want of any other use, here is a useful DIY suggestion to re-season it. The process could take a few days as you have to coat it with oven cleaner and leave it as it is and repeat it after cleaning it. This eases the old seasoning and then it is removed completely by using a liquid solution containing in a 2:1 proportion, distilled water and vinegar and washed away with warm water. To re-season the cookware, you keep it first at 250˚ and then 500˚ in an oven for 15 and 45 minutes respectively. After it is cooled, coat it with lard. Your cast iron cookware is ready for reuse!