WOW these are AMAZING DIY wall art projects!

By admin on February 21, 2015
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It is time for some fun – after those boring and tiring (and even suffocating) weekdays, you get to enjoy and spend some time with your kids on weekends. If you wish to do something with them and make them learn something new – it is time for you to make them do such easy DIY projects. But yes – you should be there with them if they are too young to understand that they shouldn’t be licking the hands full of paints or sucking the thumbs after using the colors. If they are in their teens or if they are matured enough to take care of themselves, teach them these projects and enjoy!

1. Bubble wrap stomp painting.

Source: Messforless

2. DIY veggie stamps.

Source: Passionforpaperandprint

3. DIY star burst wall art.

Source: Liagriffith

4. DIY CD art.

5. Paint Technique - Watercolor Bubbles.

Source: Childhood101


Source: Fiskars

7. Handmade rolled roses.

Source: Etsy

8. Doily Rub-on Canvas.

Source: Hamblyscreenprints

9. DIY paper plate fish.

Source: Danamadeit

10. DIY abstract art for photo lovers.

Source: Promisetangemanblog

11. Pour – Red Wine 3D Cork Wall Art.

12. DIY wire art.

Source: Gingeredthings

13. Fill water guns/spray bottles with water colors and spray your canvas.

Source: Pinterest

14. Potato printing.

Source: Pinterest