Tony Tolbert, a generous giver to the homeless in true sense

By admin on October 19, 2015
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Have you ever dreamt or thought of donating your house for a year to the homeless? Tony Tolbert did just that!! Felicia Dukes got to live that reality with her four children. Barely able to make a living, she was only able to get her three youngest into a shelter home. However her eldest child was denied admission since he was already past 18. She was pretty down on her luck, and couldn’t figure out how to turn it around. That’s when a fairly successful man, a lawyer and UCLA lecturer; basically, to whom life had been good came to the rescue of this homeless family. He offered his three bedroom and two bath home to a woman he only barely knew, and through his active support and assistance to help her with her bills gave the family an opportunity to start fresh. Salutes!! You’ll seldom find any men making such selfless sacrifices for another human being whom he did not even know much.