Quick Way to Get your Hair into a Full Ponytail
By admin on June 17, 2014

Perhaps this is one of the shortest tutorials on DIY hairdos. If you like to wear your thick hair in a ponytail and generally end up making a hash of it, this tutorial should be of great help. It says it takes just a minute to get this done.

Some DIY Ideas Just Evoke Laughter and Fun
By admin on June 16, 2014

These are DIY tricks for every day household decorations and activities, more towards using trash or just as a time pass or a bit of both.

DIY Manicure Tips at Fraction of the Cost
By admin on June 16, 2014

You might never have imagined that you could do so much on your own at home with your nails. There are 33 such brilliant ideas for making your nails look awesome and your friends and colleagues will envy your beautiful fingernails.

Useful Tips That Will Help Mothers to Be
By admin on June 15, 2014

This is a very useful list from someone who has already had two babies and knows a thing or two about what things we end up wasting dollars on, to bring up kids and realize later they were just worthless.

Fancy Cake Decoration: Difficult But Exciting
By admin on June 14, 2014

A very detailed tutorial on making a fancy cake at home that will please the children. Up to the point of making the cake and icing on the top, it is no different from any other cake; it is the decoration on...

Girls, if you are sixteen, many of these Sixty will be of Help.
By admin on June 11, 2014

Never felt you could pack so many pieces of advice in one little package and address them all to the brittle young girls. But if they take the time to read through and understand the importance of each and follow...

You are Better Equipped with these Bathroom Tips
By admin on June 9, 2014

You would have thought the toilet was the last place one can come up with fancy ideas on, to handle daily issues we face with them. But that is precisely what you get here. Some are definitely imaginative and...

Wedding Day Bloopers can easily be avoided with these Tips
By admin on June 9, 2014

Several of these 21 DIY suggestions could start you into thinking “if only I had known this before”, because these are all everyday wedding instances and situations most of us encounter while planning marriages in our households.

20 Handy Tips to Put to Use Mundane Stationery
By admin on June 6, 2014

How often we have come across such suggestions to overcome simple difficulties we face at home of a home office. But these tips are indeed practical and with picturization, it makes it all the more comfortable in trying these out.

12 Tips to Keep Your Denim in Top Shape
By admin on June 5, 2014

We all love our denims and would have spent sizeable dollars buying one. But maintaining it with its original brightness, crease and clean is always a challenge. Here are 12 useful tips that help you wear and maintain your jeans...