“This is absurd,” is what I thought when I read about it. Can you really cook steaks over lava?

By admin on May 22, 2015
Category: Ideas


It all started with an idea now executed by the Syracuse University Lava Project. Go into the kitchen of a top steak eatery and you're prone to discover a stove, supported by gourmet specialists for its burning 300°C cooking temperature. At a volcanic site, we didn't feel that there was anyplace close to sufficiently being hot than being exposed to molten lava. Hence, a month ago we went to Syracuse University in upstate New York, where Professor Robert Wysocki has over-timed a mechanical bronze heater. He is caught up in working up a mastery in making counterfeit springs and surges of gushing man-made lava. Want to see how it works? Watch this video now!