These 27 Parenting Hacks Will Make Your Life Easier!

By admin on October 28, 2015
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If you are planning to get some you time for yourself, here’s a list of 24 different hacks that’s going to help you keep your kids busy. When they are busy making any of these projects, you can simply take out some time for yourself. Go ahead – gossip with your girls while keeping an eye on your kids making these projects or put some nail paint on your nails and relax. You don’t have to be worried when they are busy doing these projects. You can also do these with them to keep them busy and spend some quality time with them.

1. Safety Tattoos

Diy details: Thepapermama

2. DIY Baby Puffs

DIY details: Mommy-opinion

3. Key Organizer

DIY details: Onecreativehousewife

4. Repurposed Crib Bookshelf

DIY details: Diyhshp

5. Easy Medicine Chart

DIY details: Landeeseelandeedo

6. Girl Scout Cookies!

DIY detials: Chicacircle

7. DIY Crib Teething Guard

DIY detials: Janemarieblog

8. Toilet Paper Sign

DIY details: Amandathevirtuouswife

9. Pacifier Storage

DIY details: Cynditha

10. Car Play Shirt

DIY details: Thebluebasket

11. Baby Stain Pre-Treat

DIY details: Mylifeinpink-kim

12. Baby Gate

DIY details: Foxfamilyincary

13. Monster Spray

DIY details: Happygoluckyblog

14. Shoe Bag Car Organizer

DIY details: Marthastewart

15. Doll Hair Fix

16. Vanity Step Drawer

DIY details: Ana-white

17. Stuffed Animal Chair

DIY details: Threadridinghood

18. DVD Coloring Case

DIY Details: Stacy-vaughn

19. On the Road Organizer

DIY Details: Eighteen25

20. Lost Socks Board

DIY Details: Scrappycath

21. Sticker Remover Hack

DIY Details: Realsimple

22. No Spill Paint Cups

DIY Details: Bebravekeepgoing

23. Mess Free Popsicles

DIY Details: Jugglingwithkids

24. Mess Free Sidewalk Chalk

DIY Details: De-tout-et-de-rien-caroline