These 21 brilliant winter hacks are going to make your life easier this season!

By admin on December 3, 2014
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There’s no doubt that we all love winters, especially because we have our favorite festival during this season; yet there are a lot of problems that we face in winters. Right from the hard ice forming on different outer sections of the car to the conversion of oil from liquid to solid state – you go through a hell lot of a time fixing these minor problems in winters. But don’t worry – these 21 amazing winter hacks are going to make your life easier this season. Share it with all your friends and make their day!


1. Prevent an icy windshield with vinegar

2. Place a sheet of tin foil against the wall behind your radiator

3. Stuck in the snow? Use kitty litter or your car’s floor mats to get traction and get yourself out of a ditch or slippery situation.

4. Cut out wool insoles for extra warmth.

5. Absolutely practical solution.

6. Or use wine bottles.

7. DIY Boot Tray- It not only looks pretty, it’s perfect for catching snow and ice.

8. Use pipe insulation to fill gaps below doors.

9. Vacuum seal summer clothes for next year.

10. Use balm on cracked hands.

11. Add a little extra insulation with thick bubble wrap over the windows. They’ll still let the sun shine through.

12. Do your wipers stick to your windows?

13. Use a lighter and your key to thaw a frozen lock.


14. Let a hot shower warm and humidify your house.

15. A CD case can work as an ice scraper in a pinch.


16. Use a razor to shave the pills off your hoodie and to make it look new again.

17. Add short screws to the bottom of your old runners.

18. Recycle sweaters into mittens.

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