Simply delicious banana cake (no need to bake!)!

By admin on May 20, 2015
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Biscuits – 600 g
Fanta – 250 ml


Vanilla pudding – 2 packs.
Cr. Sugar – 2 tb spoons
Milk – 700 ml
Butter – 250 g
Icing sugar – 200 g
Banana – 5 pieces

Extra ingredients:

Whipped cream – 2 packs.
Chocolate for toppings



Add cookies or biscuits to Fanta and mix it nicely. Once the mixing is done and there are absolutely no lumps in the batter, put it into a round mold. Put this in the refrigerator and get ready to make the cream.


Take milk and add 2 tablespoons sugar in the same. Mix it up very nicely and add vanilla pudding. Now cook this for a few minutes or till the time the cream thickens. Once the cream is ready or you see it turn into pudding, take it off the fire and let it cool. It is very important for you to cool this cream so that you get the perfect blended taste of the same.


Butter the base, along with the powdered sugar and then add the cooled custard. Make sure you do this process nicely in order to get the right shape of the cake. No matter which cake you make, whether it is baked or unbaked, the shape needs to be perfect.


Stuff the base with bananas and then add a few pieces on top as well. Cover the entire thing with the cream and then keep it in the refrigerator so that it hardens.


Use whipped cream and add the cooled custard. Decorate the cake with chocolate. This cake tastes best when it is served cold. Therefore, once you take it out from the refrigerator, cut it into slices and serve the same to your guests. Be prepared to get a lot of appreciations from all those who eat it!