Organize Your Drawer And Closet!

By admin on November 18, 2015
Category: Ideas


How much of time do you actually spend in arranging the drawers and closets? What if I say you can do it in a few minutes and keep it maintained for a long period of time? Surprised? I bet you are! With the help of these fool-proof solutions, I am sure you are going to keep your closets as well as drawers organized in the most beautiful manner. Don’t forget to share these ideas with all your friends to help them arrange their stuff in the most appropriate manner. Give them a chance to thank you for sharing something like this!

1. Roll up clothes to save space

DIY details: Fravelmag

2. Save floor space and hang your laundry bag

3. Sort your weekly wardrobe in advance

DIY details: Bhg

4. Tie your scarves to a hanger

DIY details: Simplysortedbykat

5. Keep your boots upright with pool noodles

DIY details: Reddit

6. Use PVC pipes for storage

DIY details: Bhg

7. Use shower rings to organize your shorts

DIY details: Monicarose

8. Use shoe boxes as drawer organizers

DIY details: Realsimple


DIY details: Alldaychic

10. Hang your suitcases above your closet doors

DIY details: Hercampus

11. Use an ornament box to organize your socks

DIY details: Apartmenttherapy

12. Keep matching sheet sets together by storing them in pillowcases

DIY details: Marthastewart

13. Donate the things you don't need

DIY details: Heartworkorg

14. Store your shoes in an old wine box

DIY details: Pixgood

15. Use ice cube trays to organize your jewelry

DIY details: Listotic

16. Use pop can tabs to hang multiple things in one hanger space

DIY details: Wallpegstore

17. Keep your gadgets organized and charged in your nightstand

DIY details: Imgur

18. Use comforter bags to organize out-of-season clothes

DIY details: Attemptingaloha