Learn These 20 Amazing Ways To Optimize Your Fridge And Freezer Storage!

By admin on November 23, 2015
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I am sure you have a refrigerator at home; if you want to utilize the space in the most amazing manner, these 20 ideas are going to win your heart and help you keep the refrigerator in a spacious way. Don’t be worried about buying all those things from the mall the next time you visit it; you now know how to keep different things in different ways to adjust everything in the fridge and freezer! Share this video with all your friends and find out what they think about these ideas. I am sure they are going to LOVE these storage hacks!

1. “Eat Me First” Box

DIY details: Clossette

2. Egg Carton Condiment Caddy

DIY details: Altonbrown

3. Six Pack Condiment Organizer

DIY details: Reddit

4. Sauce Squeeze Bottles

DIY details: Chezlarsson

5. Covered Shelves

DIY details: Amandathevirtuouswife

6. Magnetic Containers

DIY details: Tatertotsandjello

7. Lazy Susan

DIY details: Foodnetwork

8. Container Storage

DIY details: Iheartorganizing

9. Binder Clip Bottles

DIY details: Checkmedaily

10. Snack Zone

DIY details: Stockpilingmoms

11. Store Salad in Jars

DIY details: Myfoodandotherstuff

12. Chalkboard Fridge

DIY details: Thekurtzcorner

13. Store Produce in the Right Place

DIY details: Squawkfox

14. Know what to Refrigerate

DIY details: Lifehacker

15. Magazine Holder Shelves

DIY details: Auntpeaches

16. Chest Freezer Organizing

DIY details: Ifyoudostuff

17. Binder Clips for Bags

DIY details: Organizingfabulously

18. Avoid Freezer Burn

DIY details: Happymoneysaver

19. Put Your Ice Cube Trays to Good Use

DIY details: Thekitchn

20. Defrost

DIY details: Busycreatingmemories