Funny bunny cakes for easter
By admin on April 12, 2014

Never thought you could do so much with a simple cake and give it such a variety of looks of bunnies. The bunny cakes look as cute as the bunnies and should be delicious and out of the box dessert ideas...

Sunny spinach pie - Italian delicacy
By admin on April 12, 2014

Lovely looking and must be good and healthy to eat, pie. Simple ingredients, like spinach and some dough and cheese. Pictures tell the story; mixing...

Smoky choc cherry cupcakes
By admin on April 8, 2014

If you love these desserts and have children and adults at home who would run after good cupcakes, this recipe here is really mouthwatering.

Out of the box chocolate ideas - bespoke ones
By admin on April 8, 2014

These homemade chocolates do appear yummy. As the description alongside the pictures say, all it needs is the imagination of the customer ordering these and the ones making them.

Jello easter eggs
By admin on April 8, 2014

Easter is round the corner and the Easter Eggs cannot be far away. And the Jello Easter Eggs in rainbow colors not only looks beautiful but must be nice to eat too.

DIY - Puff Cake with pink and lemon frosting
By admin on April 5, 2014

Mouth watering homemade recipe is here for puff cakes with pink and lemon frosting. The steps are beautifully described with the corresponding picture leaving very little to imagination.

Homemade cookies – Samoas Bars
By admin on April 4, 2014

Making the girl scout cookies can be quite tiresome. And the main reason behind this is because you need to have dough rolled, cut into equal pieces and make sure they are individually ‘topped’. What about Bar cookies, though?

Prepare Nutella from the comfort of your home
By admin on April 4, 2014

You all know how good Nutella tastes! What do you think you need for preparing Nutella at home? Certainly, you don’t need dairy products or sugar.

Broccoli Cheddar Chicken Cresent Braid
By admin on April 4, 2014

It takes just 20 minutes to prepare and about 30 more minutes to cook and get this recipe ready for serving. You need an oven to prepare this chicken braid.