T-Shirts Altered for Summer – Look Cool
By admin on June 8, 2014

The T-shirts displayed in these DIY tutorials really look cool in every sense of the term. Of course you should definitely possess the inclination and time to cut and stitch the Tees. They all look elegant on the models wearing them.

Hair Braid Tutorials Could Make You Heady
By admin on June 8, 2014

These are 23 tutorials that you would love to try at home, not only because braids are slowly vanishing as a hairstyle since most women prefer leaving their hair down loose...

Making Smaller Eyes Look Prominent and Beautiful
By admin on June 7, 2014

These are thoughtful compilation of tips and tricks to help you spruce-up your eyes. And these 10 useful suggestions with complete details of dos and don’ts are coming from a female with loads of experience, and so...

No Heat Hair Styling To Save Hair Fall
By admin on June 6, 2014

More and more women are now realizing that using heat while styling hair or for drying regularly, actually leads to hair loss. So here are wonderful suggestions and all of 22 of them to style your hair in the comfort of home.

26 Fashion Hacks Every Woman Should Know
By admin on May 19, 2014

An impressive line up of 28 easy to follow tips which, if followed, will help you save up a few things at home thinking you won’t be able to repair them, like a stain on your leather bag...

Lace bracelet knitted with broomstick
By admin on April 8, 2014

This is an interesting and exciting tutorial on knitting a lace bracelet with the help of a broomstick rod. The pictures are quite vivid and anyone can learn how to make the bracelet by following the steps described herein.