Chocolate Dipped Banana with Peanut Butter and Chopped Nuts

By admin on April 18, 2014
Category: Food

The ingredients are:


Creamy peanut butter

Chocolate Chips

Chopped Nuts


You have to take care to select bananas which are without curves. The peanut butter is available off the shelf, of popular brands. You can pick one of these. Once you have all the ingredients ready, we can move ahead with the actual making of this healthy snack.

You start by peeling off the bananas. Then cut the ends. Now cut the bananas into two. Now remove the inner middle portion of the parts to some distance without making a through hole.

Now take the chocolate, melt it and pour in a bowl and dip the bottom ends of the bananas in it and then when the chocolate is still hot, dip in the container of chopped nuts so that the nuts stick well and uniformly around the bananas.

The bananas have to be refrigerated to cool them. Use a butter paper and keep them inside the fridge. Once cooled, the last process in this recipe is to fill the peanut butter inside the bananas and on top with a twist and conical shape giving a final output as shown in the pictures.