Cats Are King Of House! They Don't Fear To Take Dog's Bed And Dogs Are Fear To Take Their Own Beds! LOL

By admin on November 20, 2015
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It’s often believed that cats and dogs fight crazy. Moreover, we all assume the dog to master the cat. However this is not true always. This video represents the cats to act like a queen of the domain. The cat does not even spare the king dog and sprang upon the   dog bed. The frustration the dog display is priceless towards the cat when the cat overtakes the bed and just refuses to leave. The dogs no less retorts to

Most believe that it is the dog that wears the pants in the family. But not true! As you are about to see, cat’s clearly think they are the kings and queens of the domain. If they want the dog bed, then they take the dog bed! The absolute frustration these dogs display is priceless. Imagine someone overtaking your bed and you simply cannot get them to leave. These dogs all have to resort to amusing methods to finally get their beds back! Enjoy the implausible set of cats overtaking the dog bed .This video is enough to make you roar to laughter.