Angry dad moves over the dreams of his son and takes him to task

By admin on August 24, 2014
Category: Other


This video shows a father who's probably really fed up with this son. He sits on a lawn mover and breaks his son's gaming CDs into pieces. The angry young boy abuses his father and cries like he's lost his entire life! The father keeps telling the boy to find some job to deserve his habit of playing video games all the time. May be he already gave too many advices and warnings which the boy might have ignored and in turn the father could have been pissed off at his son's attitude! Whatever it is, when it was all over, the son was crying loud and sound and there was no one to even console him. This video appears to have been taken by a third person, maybe an envious neighbor, because, he keeps laughing at the discomfiture of the boy.