60 Amazing DIY Jar-Gift Project Ideas For Christmas Gifts!

By admin on November 8, 2015
Category: Ideas


Here are some amazing jar projects for you; I am sure you are going to LOVE me to have shared these DO IT YOURSELF projects with you, for they are completely amazing. Thank me later, if you want me to, but go ahead and share these ideas with your friends because these are not the projects that you are going to learn often. These are completely unique. Go ahead and share these lovely projects with your friends too, so that they can make them all on their own, too. I am sure all the kids are going to go GAGA over these project ideas!

31. Christmas Treat Jar

DIY details: Amandaparkerandfamily

32. Gum-drop Treats

DIY details: Scrapbook

33. Mini Butterfinger Pies in a Jar

DIY details: Crumbsandchaos

34. Sweet Candies in a Jar

DIY details: Mommadidit

35. Gingerbread Goodness

DIY details: Cookiecrazie

36. No Bake Pumpkin Cheesecake in a Jar

DIY details: Anightowlblog

37. Gingerbread Playdoh

DIY details: Sweetsugarbelle

38. Hot Cocoa Bar Kit

DIY details: Cleanandscentsible

39. Christmas Kisses

DIY details: Lilluna

40. Peppermint Foot Soak

DIY details: 4hatsandfrugal

41. Cute Snowman in a Jar

DIY details: Postris

42. Mini Golf Date

DIY details: 504main

43. Homemade Apple Butter

DIY details: Mybakingaddiction

44. Crafting Kit

DIY details: Anestforallseasons

45. Potpourri in a Jar

DIY details: Marcicoombs

46. Apron in a Jar

DIY details: Evermine

47. Rainbow Bean Soup in a Jar

DIY details: Food

48. DIY Book Page Mason Jar Candle Holder

DIY details: Hubpages

49. Winter Survival Kit

DIY details: Happygoluckyblog

50. Caramel + Apple Duo

DIY details: Iheartnaptime

51. Organic Mason Jar Terrarium

DIY details: Storyboardwedding

52. Homemade Laundry Soap

DIY details: Doodlecraftblog

53. Pizza in a Jar

DIY details: 1finecookie

54. Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub

DIY details: Goodlifeeats

55. Delish Cupcake in a Jar

DIY details: Mycakies

56. DIY Vanilla Extract

DIY details: Bakeat350

57. Summer in a Jar

DIY details: Raisinguprubies

58. Beginner Sewing Kit

DIY details: Smashedpeasandcarrots

59. Baileys with Hot Chocolate

DIY details: Emma-courtney

60. Manicure in a Jar

DIY details: Celebrations