49 Dollar Store Hacks!

By admin on October 31, 2015
Category: Ideas


We all wish to go to the dollar store, don’t we? It is, in fact, more like a family store since every member gets what he really wants to. However, visiting such places with your kids can be difficult. So here’s something that is going to save your time as well as money. Here are 49 different dollar store hacks that you are surely going to thank me for. Well, thank me later, but go ahead and share these hacks with your friends as well to help them save their time and money. Get their blessings and tell them to share the hacks with their friends as well.

1. On the Go Straw Carrier

DIY details: Chicaandjo

2. Salad Spinner Spin Art

DIY details: Diycandy

3. Nontoxic Glowing Water

DIY details: Growingajeweledrose


DIY details: Meaningfulmama

5. Craft Supplies on the Go

DIY details: Notimeforflashcards

6. Wipe Off Calendar

DIY details: Mapleandmagnolia

7. Dollar Store Frame Window Art

DIY details: Stillparenting

8. Ice Pop Tray Crayon Organizer

DIY details: Kfundamentals

9. Family Command Center Organization Board

DIY details: Girllovesglam

10. Create Your Own Bookends

DIY details: Lovegrowswild

11. Craft Boxes for Hair Storage

DIY details: Theidearoom

12. Pool Noodle Crib Rail Cover

DIY details: Babybumpapp

13. Bucket Art Storage

DIY details: Therewasacrookedhouse

14. Magnetic Wall Storage

DIY details: Dollarstorecrafts

15. DIY Glitter Ornaments

DIY details: lbcody

16. Easy Fast Food Organizer

DIY details: Lookiewhatidid

17. Car Trash Can from Cereal Container

DIY details: Bhg

18. Outdoor Activity Storage Baskets

DIY details: Momnivores-dilemma

19. Mesh Beach Toy Holder

DIY details: Theidearoom

20. Tube Socks Make Great Leg Warmers

DIY details: Yourbabydays

21. Sippy Cup Organizer

DIY details: Delightfulorder

22. Easy Card Storage

DIY details: Shadytreediary

23. Dish Racks for School Supplies

DIY details: Daybydayhsing

24. Easy Car Organizer

DIY details: Archive

25. Art Supply Organizer

DIY details: Unknown