35 Things To Make With A Cardboard Box!

By admin on December 14, 2015
Category: Ideas


Have you got a cardboard box at home? Don’t throw it away – there are a lot of things that you can do with it! If you have a cat at home, make a beautiful playhouse for him with the cardboard box or you can also make a temporary playhouse for your toddler! There are so many things that you can do with it, so think thrice before throwing it away. If you like these ideas, make sure you take the help of your kids while turning some of them into realities and keep them busy on lazy weekends. Do share!

19. Fire Engine Truck

DIY details: Everydaymomideas

20. Cardboard Bus

DIY details: Daniandbel

21. Ice Cream Truck

DIY details: Celebrate-always

22. A Town House Village

DIY details: Kikicreates

23. Cardboard Box Marble Run

DIY details: Tinkerlab

24. iPod Costume

DIY details: Popsugar

25. Kitchen Oven

DIY details: Marthastewart

26. Cardboard Camper Playhouse

DIY details: Themerrythought

27. Chic Handbag

DIY details: Ikatbag

28. Sewing Machine

DIY details: Littleredwindow

29. Cardboard Telephone

DIY details: Ikatbag

30. Build a Castle

DIY details: Acornpies

31. A Stoplight

DIY details: Ikatbag

32. Cardboard Guitars

DIY details: Makeit-loveit

33. Red Cardboard Barn

DIY details: Joyfullyweary

34. Deer Head Wall Hanging

DIY details: Instructables

35. Ball Maze

DIY details: Ahappywanderer