35 Things To Make With A Cardboard Box!

By admin on December 14, 2015
Category: Ideas


Have you got a cardboard box at home? Don’t throw it away – there are a lot of things that you can do with it! If you have a cat at home, make a beautiful playhouse for him with the cardboard box or you can also make a temporary playhouse for your toddler! There are so many things that you can do with it, so think thrice before throwing it away. If you like these ideas, make sure you take the help of your kids while turning some of them into realities and keep them busy on lazy weekends. Do share!

1. Transformers Soundwave Costume

DIY details: Instructables

2. Collapsible Playhouse

DIY details: Sheknows

3. Cat Playhouse

DIY details: Marthastewart

4. Cardboard Playhouses

DIY details: Abeautifulmess

5. An Airplane

DIY details: Smallfryblog

6. Kids Car

DIY details: Childhood101

7. An Elevator

DIY details: Repeatcrafterme

8. A Washer

DIY details: Craftster

9. A Dryer

DIY details: Estefimachado

10. A Grocer’s Shopfront

DIY details: Ikatbag

11. Cardboard Bed

DIY details: Hellobee

12. A Gas Pump

DIY details: Declutterorganizerepurpose

13. Make a Town

DIY details: Picklebums

14. Cardboard Labyrinth

DIY details: Livinggreenwithbaby

15. Puppet Theatre

DIY details: Pinkandgreenmama

16. Cardboard Box Play Tunnel

DIY details: Theimaginationtree

17. Super Hero Phone Booth

DIY details: Diyonthecheap

18. Cardboard Crown

DIY details: Baby-jungle