30 Awesome Christmas Hacks!

By admin on November 21, 2015
Category: Ideas


Are you excited for Christmas? Do you want to learn some amazing ways to make this festival the best one ever? Then you are surely landed on the right page – here is something that you are going to thank me for – a list of ideas and hacks that is going to save you a lot of efforts during Christmas. If you like these ideas, share them with your friends as well and tell them how they can save at least some time and energy to enjoy the festival. I am sure they all are going to thank you to have shared these ideas with them.

16. Centralized Tree Lighting

DIY details: Inmyownstyle

17. Fake Tree Makeover

DIY details: 3littlegreenwoods

18. Pool Noodle Birch Logs

DIY details: Designdazzle

19. Ping Pong Ball Lights

DIY details: Maythisjourney

20. Cereal Gift Box

DIY details: Instructables

21. Sock Owls

DIY details: Craftpassion

22. Reuse Tangled Lights

DIY details: Bhg

23. Christmas Tree Slices

DIY details: Imgur

24. Faux Gumball Machine

DIY details: Meetthedubiens

25. Pinecone Owls

DIY details: Liagriffith

26. Frozen Whipped Cream

DIY details: Thecreativemama

27. Edible Christmas Lights

DIY details: Hungryhappenings

28. Ice Lanterns

DIY details: Practicallyfunctional

29. Christmas Scent

DIY details: Kidsactivitiesblog

30. Artificial Snow

DIY details: Pureella