30 Awesome Christmas Hacks!

By admin on November 21, 2015
Category: Ideas


Are you excited for Christmas? Do you want to learn some amazing ways to make this festival the best one ever? Then you are surely landed on the right page – here is something that you are going to thank me for – a list of ideas and hacks that is going to save you a lot of efforts during Christmas. If you like these ideas, share them with your friends as well and tell them how they can save at least some time and energy to enjoy the festival. I am sure they all are going to thank you to have shared these ideas with them.

1. Candy Label Holder

DIY details: Industriousjustice

2. Coffee Filter Angel Wings

DIY details: Craftsalamode

3. Olaf Treat Jar

DIY details: Momsandmunchkins

4. Faux Fireplace

DIY details: Ehow

5. Paper Doily Forest

DIY details: Google

6. Candy Bowl

DIY details: Princesspinkygirl

7. Ornament Storage

DIY details: Momspartycafe

8. Festive Chandelier

DIY details: Brassyapple

9. Snowman Pretzels

DIY details: Hungryhappenings

10. Hot Glue Snowflakes

DIY details: Welivedhappilyeverafter

11. Pumpkin Snowman

DIY details: Nolagirlatheart

12. Wrapping Paper Wreath

DIY details: Centsationalgirl

13. Snow Slime

DIY details: Growingajeweledrose

14. DIY Cookie Boxes

DIY details: Auntpeaches

15.  Dollar Store Wreath