22 ideas to keep your kids busy at home!

By admin on January 9, 2015
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As parents, we tend to search for some or the other home projects to keep our little ones busy. After all, even we need some personal space and time for ourselves. There are so many mothers who work from home and if you are one of them, you can try some of these ideas. Give the required materials or items to your little ones and let them be in their own world. Let their creativity develop as much as it can and let them explore their imagination. They are surely going to love all of these ideas and you would get some time to work, too! Enjoy!


1. Golf Game

2. DIY laser maze

3. Make camp-in trip

4. Use slotted discs to make building

5. Bottle rocket

6. Learn to tie their shoes with this cute craft

7. Flower number games

8. DIY tents

9. Feed the birds

10. Toilet paper tube binoculars

11. Felt Goldfish

12. DIY Portable rock climbing wall

13. Plastic bottle bowling

14. Ice cube castle

15. A refrigerator box becomes a slide

16. A “spider web”

17. Cardboard car


19. Ice bubbles

20. Microwave Ivory soap to make an insane huge soap soufflé for playing


22. A town for Lego toys from cardboard

Source: Architectureartdesigns