20 Beautiful Crochet Hats!

By admin on November 12, 2015
Category: Ideas


Do you like hats? Do you want to buy some? Let me tell you something – when you go to stores to buy hats for yourself, you find it difficult to get the ones that you can afford. Most of the hats are quite expensive and you don’t feel like shedding money, unnecessarily. Don’t worry – with the help of this project idea, you can now make your very own crochet hats! How about gifting your loved ones these beautiful handmade crochet hats this Christmas? I am sure they are going to go GAGA over these cuties and would bless you with all the love they have in their heart.

1. Chunky Beanie

DIY details: Ravelry

2. Ribbed Beanie

DIY details: Projectsaroundthehouse

3. Cabled Slouchy Beanie

DIY details: Allaboutami

4. Textured Slouchy Beanie

DIY details: Byjennidesigns

5. Newsboy Hat

DIY details: Hopefulhoney

6. Peaks and Valleys Beanie

DIY details: Katidcreations

7. Cross-Over Long DC Hat

DIY details: Crochetncrafts

8. Trinity Stitch Beanie

DIY details: Thishousewifelife

9. Broomstick Lace Hat

DIY details: Ravelry

10. Cloche Hat

DIY details: Hopefulhoney

11. Ninja Turtle Beanie

DIY details: Knottzofyarn

12. Multi-Strand Bow Hat

DIY details: Persialou

13. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

DIY details: Repeatcrafterme

14. Fox Hat

DIY details: Thefriendlyredfox

15. Ribbed Pom Pom Beanie

DIY details: Deliacreates

16. Double Pom Pom Hat

DIY details: Maybematilda

17. Happy Hippo

DIY details: Repeatcrafterme

18. Cat Scoodie

DIY details: Mooglyblog

19. Lovely Ladybug

DIY details: Repeatcrafterme

20. Newborn Bear

DIY details: Jjcrochet