13 clever parenting hacks you must know about!

By admin on February 20, 2015
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Being a parent is like going through a nightmare without even complaining or talking about it to anyone, isn’t it? LOL! I know it sounds rude, but I am sure even you miss some time off because when you turn into a parent, you barely get time to spend on yourself or even be yourself. You are constantly cleaning the house, watching what you speak, doing all the crazy things for your kids to make them happy! I don’t know about anything else, but I know that that these parenting hacks can actually allow you to spend less of energy on cleaning and get some time for yourself!

1. Free back massage. Get your kids to give you a back massage with these diy t-shirts.

Source: Thebluebasket

2. Instead of using footstools which take up too much room and always get in the way, convert the toe kick under your cabinet into a vanity step drawer.

Source: Ana-white

3. Make an On-The-Go Stroller Toy.

4. Make easy ice cream cleanup.

Source: Holykaw

5. Keep Bath Time Safe.

6. Fun with a paper.

Source: Joyfoolish

7. Make a Easy Magnetic Set.

8. Stop the Unwanted Locking of Doors.

Source: Instagram

9. Have your child sit on a stability ball while doing homework — it’ll help with their concentration.

Source: Thenewcenturyschool

10. Keep all magnetic toys in one place.

Source: Joannagoddard

11. Use food storage containers to separate craft supplies.

Source: Hgtv

12. Use White Toothpaste to Remove Permanent Marker on Wood.

Source: Instagram

13. Get your whole week organized.

Source: How-do-it

Source: Architectureartdesigns