12 Amazing Mason Jar Christmas Décor Ideas!

By admin on November 1, 2015
Category: Ideas


Like Christmas? Like Mason Jars? Then here’s something that you can thank me for! Here are 12 different mason jar Christmas décor ideas that are going to blow your mind. You can make these all by yourself and these would look amazing near your Christmas tree or even at your office desk. There are a lot of people out there who prefer decorating their office desk on Christmas and these ideas can surely help you get something that you would really LOVE using! Do share these ideas with your friends and find out what they wish to say about these.

1. Painted Jolly Snowmen

DIY details: Craftsbyamanda

2. Snowcapped Pinecones

DIY details: Craftsbyamanda

3. Crocheted Jar Cluster

DIY details: Dottieangel

4. A Lovely Christmas Township

DIY details: Shabbyartboutique

5. Snowman Snow Globe

DIY details: Freebiefindingmom

6. Hot Chocolate Recipe

DIY details: Twomoreminutes

7. Rustic Centerpiece

DIY details: Aprettylifeinthesuburbs

8. Snowman Light

DIY details: Craftymorning

9. Personalized Snow Globe

DIY details: Anyonecandecorate

10. Snowman Luminary

DIY details: Chicacircle

11. Cluster Light

DIY details: Allthingsheartandhome

12. Illuminated Snow Scene

DIY details: Bitzngiggles